Thank you for inquiring into the Eco-Philosophy Center. The following briefly describes our activities, and extends to you an offer to become a Friend of the Eco-Philosophy Center. We hope you will join us in actively promoting ecological awareness and ecological values throughout the world.


(Click HERE for a chronological view of the evolution of Eco-Philosophy).

The concept of eco-philosophy was created in 1974 by Dr. Henryk Skolimowski, then Professor of Humanities at the University of Michigan (now, Professor Emeritus). That year he published a short but seminal article, "Ecological Humanism", that laid out all the key elements of eco-philosophy. The Center itself was established in 1981 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The purpose of the EPC was to serve as a focal point for the development and advancement of eco-philosophy, which emphasized the importance of the relationship between humanity and the environment.

In 1990 the EPC took a step forward by becoming registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Michigan (501c3), and now, via the World Wide Web, we hope to expand our activities through contacts with people and organizations worldwide. In 2004 we celebrated our 30th anniversary, and we are now looking forward to the decades ahead with hope, conviction, and courage.


The stated mission of the EPC is "to further ecological awareness, ecological values, and all other means which are necessary to heal the Earth, and find meaningful and sustainable lifestyles." In keeping with this vision, we have a variety of on-going activities: The EPC continues to participate in local, national, and international events dealing with the environment. These events range from our attendance at a variety of local Earth Day fairs, to our organizing of international lectures. The EPC is firmly committed to maintaining an active role in national and global discussions on environmental policy. In support of this, we have been continuing efforts to reach public consciousness through letter writing, publishing op-eds and articles in local newspapers, and giving speeches at public events. *


We invite you to become a Friend of the Eco-Philosophy Center. There is no fee, but we do appreciate donations to support our on-going activities; donations go only toward direct expenses, such as web site costs, lecture materials, postage, and so on. We operate on a very small budget, and we do so willingly, but the reality of situation is: the more resources we have, the more we can offer. All donations are tax deductible. Please go our Membership section for details.

We are all friends of the Earth. Yet we also need to be friends of other human beings, of other beings, and of ourselves. As we think, so we are. As we are, so we affect others. As we create the world with others, so this world affects us. The law of Karma is universal.

In our very complex world, we cannot limit ourselves to the physical environment. Working on the environmental problems is important but not sufficient. To heal the world, we need to heal ourselves; we need to resonate harmoniously with all beings; we need to make our minds compassionate; we need to follow the values which assure justice for all.

Eco-philosophy maintains that the world is a sanctuary, while we are its reverential guardians, responsible for its well-being. Eco-philosophy maintains that the ecological and the spiritual are one. We need to work simultaneously on healing ourselves and on healing our external environments.

Friends of Eco-Philosophy is a network of people of good will who are aware and convinced that they can contribute positively toward the healing of the world, who also know that by participating in the common cause of healing, they empower themselves and heal themselves. Friends of Eco-Philosophy is not a revolutionary brigade which promises to cure all our ills tomorrow, or a day after tomorrow. But it is a group of determined people who take destiny of the planet into their hands, and who are mindful of Ionesco's conviction that revolution is a change in the state of our consciousness. This change is to be accomplished by going deeper into ourselves and by realizing that the ecological and the spiritual are one.

We invite like-minded people worldwide to join us and support our efforts. If you would like to become a member of this group, please contact David Skrbina 42231 Ladywood Northville, MI 48168 USA 734-420-7932 E-mail: Skrbina at comcast dot net.

A better world lies ahead, and you can be a part of it. We look forward to your response.