The descriptions below are expressed by Dr. Skolimowski, except the penultimate.

"The year 1974 marks the inception of Eco-Philosophy. In the text, which was delivered in ten minutes (during a debate at a School of Architecture in London), all the major ideas of Eco-philosophy were proposed. At this time I use the term Ecological Humanism to designate the future Eco-philosophy." Click for large image >
"In 1977, I publish a sizeable monograph, in which I still use the term Ecological Humanism. The ideas of the 1974 statement are here articulated." Click for large image >
"From 1978, I use the term Eco-Philosophy as a distinctive form of philosophy, and especially to contrast it with contemporary Western philosophy". Click for large image >
"In 1981, I publish the book, Eco-philosophy, Designing New Tactics for Living, which outlines the new field, and which has become a classic; subsequently translated into several languages". Click for large image >
"In the years 1980-83, four annual conferences on Eco-philosophy were organized at Dartington Hall, Devon, U.K". Click for large image >
"In 1983, the book Technology and Human Destiny was published, critiquing Technology from the standpoint of Eco-philosophy". Click for large image >
"In 1984, the First International Conference on Eco-theology was organized at Dartington Hall, Devon; and in 1985 the monograph Eco-theology was published". Click for large image >
"In 1992, the book Living Philosophy, Eco-philosophy as a Tree of Life was published; this book is the expansion and articulation of the 1981 book." Click for large image >
"In 1993, the book A Sacred Place to Dwell was published; this book is the expansion of the 1985 monograph." Click for large image >
"In 1994 the book The Participatory Mind was published. This book signified the creation and articulation of the new field, which could be called eco-mind." Click for large image >
"In 1994, the book EcoYoga was published. This book signified the creation and articulation of a new field of enquiry and practice; translated into several languages." Click for large image >
"In 1999, the book Dharma, Ecology and Wisdom was published in India. This book signified an extension of Eco-philosophy into Eco-Dharma, Eco-Karma and Eco-yoga." Click for large image >
"In 2001, the book Around Eco-philosophy was published (in Polish), being a Festschrift in Honor of Henryk Skolimowski, in which 34 scholars and philosophers have articulated Eco-philosophy, in various directions, which amounts to the creation of the field of Polish Eco-philosophy. One essay was published in English, by Prof. Vir Singh, under the title: “Eco-philosophy Seen From the Himalayas.” This essay is reproduced here." Click for large image >

In 2005 Henryk Skolimowski published Philosophy for a New Civilization in New Delhi, India. This book is an invitation to another kind of philosophy ... not abstract, dry and indifferent to life, but compassionate, holistic, caring and guiding life. Basically it is a book about a philosophy, which may change your life, if you take it seriously.


Published in 2010, "Let There be Light: The Mysterious Journey of Cosmic Creativity" is Dr. Skolimowski's most recent work, and is perhaps most the most accessible (and most necesssary) to the general public. In the cover notes he writes, "At the beginning was light. Light — pure, distilled, triumphant and overwhelming in its unity and possibilities. Out of this Light came everything that we call Cosmos, Universie and Life. The story of the Universe is the story of the evolving Light, which is intertwined with Love."
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