January 2012: Dr. Skolimowski writes on the global Occupy movement, a reawakening of the revolutionary urge that has rippled across the Earth in the past year. From the so-called Arab Spring to longterm residential occupations of public spaces designed to force ooccupation of the zeitgeist itself, there appears to be an increased resistance to the corporate/governmental apettite for hegemonic power. He writes here > on this matter, as part of an ongoing series of pieces published on the Speaking Tree site in India, that country's first spiritual networking site. Read all Dr. Skolimowski's contributions on that site here >. The Occupy Your Mind and Soul piece is also archived on this site here >.

June 2011: As the summer ripens in the northern hemisphere, there is much to announce within the realms of Eco-philosophical endeavors. First, this year marks the thirtieth anniversary of "Eco-Philosophy: Designing New Tactics for Living," Dr. Skolimowski's seminal work that launched the serious codification of thought and experience related to the philosophy of ecology. After the publication of the book, Dr. Skolimowski formalized the study of this infant-yet-ancient lens on our world with the opening of the Eco-Philosophy Centre in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Most notable is the publication of Dr. Skolimowski's autobiography "The Lotus and the Mud: Autobiography of a Philosopher." Details are available on the Publications page. Comments on the publication of the work, and a review by Professor Vir Singh, are available on the Articles page.

Dr. Skolimowski has published a new book of poetry, "Celebrating Light and Hope." Images of the publication ceremony, held March 16 in India, are on the Gallery page.

March 2011: Dr. Skolimowski has video-taped two short programs exploring the place of Eco-philosophy within the comtemplative modern life. The first, visible on the Eco-philosophy YouTube channel here, is a dialogue between Skolimowski and an unseen interlocutor, in which the relationship between stupidity and wisdom is illuminated. The second video contains a dialogue between Dr. Skolimowski and David Skrbina, covering the importance of philosophy in the modern world.

January, 2011: Dr. Skolimowski continues to contribute his writings and ideas to an increasingly wide audience; go to The Speaking Tree website in India to read an ongoing series of articles. There, you may also participate in dialogue with Dr. Skolimowski.

December 2010: Vir Singh, a friend and follower of Dr. Skolimowski and a professor at GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Uttarakhand, India, has written Poland, Cosmic Philosophy and the History of the Future, presented here. The book may be downloaded as a pdf by clicking the image below. Note: At 13.8Mb, the document may take some time to download for those with slower Internet connections.

December 2009: At the end of his 79th year on the planet, and more importantly, the onset of his 80th, Dr. Skolmowski has written a new volume: Let There Be Light. A bold promotion of Light as a basic component of the structure of the Universe, the book is a rational and concordant exploration of the nature of the Cosmos. Dr. Skolimowski offers a fair-minded and pointed criticism of organized religion as a dimming and distorting filter of the true clarity of Light. Read more about this important new addition to the Eco-Philosophy library on the Publications page.

In acknowledgement of the 35th anniversary of the inception of Eco-Philosophy, Dr, Skolimowski has writted several new articles. They are linked below, and may also be found on the Articles page.

New articles:

• Dialogues on Light and Lumenarchy
• Eco-Philosophy from an Historical Perspective
• The Metaphysical Crisis
• Are We Still Petrified?
• On Benevolence
• Dialogues with Anabel, 1